Servicing Strategy


At Pricol Travel, Data management and analysis is an integral part of a strategic travel program which we offers to our valued customers like you. This analysis is done keeping in mind all the parameters of Travel Management which includes Cost, Travellers Comfort plus Safety and existing Suppliers agreements thus creating right & effective travel management reporting. This helps us in providing a clear, concise and comprehensive travel management program for your corporation's travel spend.


Travel Management is a complex business. It's too dynamic and sometime too unpredictable to create and implement best travel management solutions. Here comes in Pricol unparalleled Expertise, Technology and Data crunching coupled with the right technology to Envisage a perfect travel management program for you. Obviously this will require days of painstaking discussions and involvement from your side too in order to create the bespoke travel management program which will make sure really works for you.


Our Best Solution philosophy is based on the fact that Travel is one of top 3 largest controllable expense categories for most companies. A Solutions can termed Best when it is well-designed which can help you control costs, manage risk, improve employee satisfaction, and increase productivity. At Pricol we partner with companies to create travel management strategies that focus on your objectives. If you are implanting a corporate travel program or you are looking to enhance and improve your current program, we can help you control cost, control risk, take advantage of valuable data and analytics, and create the Best traveler experience with Best Cost savings.


As mentioned Travel is too dynamic and sometime too unpredictable. While Systems, Processes and Technology plays an important part in creating a Program which is automated and runs on auto pilot. Having said that it requires constant monitoring and Focus to tinker and provide right re-alignment. This Focus is provided by our Expert Account Managers who on one hand are constantly trained and on other hand are assisted by cutting edge technology solutions.


Once we implement a travel management program for your corporation, we will set up complete guidelines along with time lines to constantly Review it. These Review meetings are well minute and later on discussed internally to chart out a correction course if needed. We also make sure that we utilize our vast experiences with Corporations like your to make sure that these course correction provide you the desired results.